Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet the Cast!

I have always thought it was funny that Disney refers to everyone who works there as a "cast member." Even the guy sweeping the trash after the parade is a cast member. In light of that I thought you should meet all the members of our cast. We head out in the morning and we are about to bust!

There are 6 of us going. Our common thread is our church. While we don't all go to the same church now, that is how we all know each other. When Shane and I moved back to Jackson in 1996 we were kind of in a strange place. We left as youth and came back as adults and quickly after that became parents. We found a great Sunday school class and made good friends there. We then went on the teach youth Sunday school for several years and then we rejoined our class. It had grown by then and so had our family. This was when we really began to make good, close, life long friends. I have taught VBS and mission friends with these girls. We have camped and shopped and laughed and cried together. We have watched our babies grow from babies into teenagers. These are my BFF's, my peeps, my buddies, my pals and I love 'em!

So without futher ado, in alphabetical order, here they are and why I love them!

Truth be told, I stole Christina. She and her husband were my brother Andy and his wife Julie's friends first. I knew of them and that they went to our church. When we joined our class there they were. She makes me laugh. She is a master schedule juggler. She has the youngest of all of our kids. She is a great momma, wife and friend. She is a great listener!

Chyna is fun to have around! She just makes you laugh and feel good. I'm so glad she's coming! Several years ago I had gotten a new phone and Will was playing around on it. He said, "Oh my gosh Mom! This is an awesome phone! It can call all the way to China!" He was looking at my address book! That cracked me up! Chyna has a daughter Jenny's age and she is a mini Chyna! I love to be around them!

Jennifer's middle son is just a few weeks older than my Jenny. When Jon Clark was born he was small. Around 4 or 5 pounds. When Jenny was born she also was small. She was 4 lbs. 11oz. I was worried sick. Was she ok? What had I done to make her so small? Out of the blue one day Jennifer called me. I knew Jennifer as an aquaintance through a Bible study we had at church. She called simply to say that she knew what I was feeling, that I hadn't done anything wrong and the baby was going to be fine. I doubt she even remembers that but it was huge to me and I have a soft spot for Jennifer because of that!

Trainer extraordinaire. I got to know Jill when her family moved to Jackson about 7 years ago. Our families have done all kinds of things together. Last year her family moved to my neighborhood. A wise decision in my opinion! What do I love about Jill? She is a great friend. Her daughter Reagan is a great babysitter. Her daughter Kennedy is a great writer. Her son just ran past my kitchen window with a nerf gun. Her husband is a counselor. What's not to love?!

Regina's middle child, Cade and Jenny were born on the same day. March 1, 2001. A good day! What I admire most about Regina is that when her first camping trip resulted in a major accident she didn't head home but stayed the weekend in a tent. That was impressive. What I also think about is that when we had my Dad's visitation and we all filed into the sanctuary Regina's face was the first one I saw and I was so happy to see her. A good friend!

An honorary member
There is one more friend that we wish was going but just couldn't do it this year. We love you Trina and we wish you were coming and we will bring you a present!

On behalf of the cast I would like to thank:
Shane, Will, Jenny, Mark, Caroline, Walker, Brian, Bailey, Kennedy, Jeff, Connor, Jon Clark, Caroline, Chris, Reagan, Kennedy, John Walker, Trey, Haley, Cade and Cooper.
Thank you for your support and thank you for not only letting us go but encouraging us to go. We love you all!

Next Stop Orlando!

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